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I understand from a mate of mine who drove for Canberra Light Rail for a year that during the colder periods when it was anticipated that ice would form on the overhead contact wire, an l.r. set would make occasional full length trip during the midnight-to-dawn period, just to ensure that ice did not have a chance to form.


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Ice on the overhead wires did happen in Melbourne in the eighties before the city became such a heat sink, especially near large areas of open grass. It was more of an 'amusing spectacle' to me than a problem.



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TP guesses that frost on the wires isn’t a problem in Australia.

Frost/ice on the overhead was an ongoing problem for Launceston trolley buses especially first thing in the morning.

Launceston experiences a wide variation of day/night temperatures leading to a night-time build-up of ice on the overhead. Various strategies were tried to deal with this issue including the fitting of cast-iron shoes to trolley buses on early depot runouts.


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I guess this is a problem we don't have to deal with in Australia.

They do have treatments to clear lines of it but this tram presumably ran into a new lot while on a run.

Tony P