Re: Essendon depot to be isolated for two weeks
  Mal Rowe

The working arrangements for using Royal Park as a tram depot include the following:

58 (and I assume the city end of 59) trams drop northbound passengers at the Children's hospital to change to replacement buses.

The trams then proceed to the crossover in Flemington Rd just south of Racecourse Rd to reverse.  E class trams only just fit in between the crossover and the Racecourse Rd junction.

In the attached pic 6065 is heading back after reversing and is being followed by a B and two Zs in convoy transferring from Essendon Depot to Royal Park yesterday evening.

There is a crossover just south of the Children's Hospital in Flemington Rd.  That will be heavily used by trams running in and out of Royal Park to serve routes 57 and 82.

In the second pic, 4 Zs are in the process of using that crossover.  They were  among the first Zs to transfer from Essendon to Royal Park.

Trams from Royal Park serving the northern end of route 58 - from Royal Park Station to West Coburg will need to run bang road one way or the other between Elliott Ave and the crossover at Royal Park Station.

Mal Rowe in a place with plenty to see.

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