Re: Newcastle light rail built by inner-west light rail manufacturer suspended due to fault
  Matthew Geier

On 26/11/21 16:13, Tony Galloway wrote:
> “A mechanical problem” - nothing to see here, move along now.


> Must be more than one with it, though it seems to be the trams rather than the power switching as Matthew suggested.


> I see they’re calling them Urbos 100s now. Wonder what the changes were compared to the Urbos 3s, apart from the batteries.

No difference at all, it's a marketing thing, 100 means 100% low floor, to differentiate it from the 70% low floor version of the Urbos 3 (it's now Urbos 70)

The Newcastle trams, being a later build than Sydney do have a few mechanical and software changes as well as being fitted with the ACR units - there is a gap on the roof of the Sydney cars where the ACR modules would go.

I've not been able to look at the roof of a Canberra car (Canberra is too flat :-), but there is a circuit breaker next to the driver labeled 'ACR control'. I assume there is a gap on the roof where the ACR kit will go.