RE: Re: Geelong 2

Consultation of the copious notes suggests the body of Geelong “Butterbox” 9 was recovered from a property in the Drysdale area in the 1980s and moved to Bylands (as illustrated elsewhere on this thread). Geelong 9 is body only so a truck would need to be obtained for the tram to be restored to operating condition.

Pengelley 22 spent many years in the yard of a private bus depot at Boronia before being moved to Bylands. I understand the long-term plan is to use the Brill Radiax truck recovered from T 180. Both body and truck are at Bylands.

Both 9 and 22 remained in service in Geelong until the final days of the system in 1956.

I am sure I am not the only one who’d love to see the Pengelley restored to a similar condition to Geelong #2. However, such a project would involve a huge amount of resources, both human and financial.

Paul in Melbourne