Re : Opal machines to be turned off
  Tony Galloway

The reference to "wage theft" reminds me of a Communist Party poster I saw
in Sydney some time ago: "Profits are stolen wages".

Profits are the wages of the entrepreneur. Without profits, there'd be no
business, thus no jobs and certainly no wages for anybody else.

Tony P

People like Mike Cannon-Brooks and other innovators are “entrepreneurs”, but that doesn’t mean they’re entitled to limitless greed.

On the other hand, these privatised management scams are just run by rent seeking bludgers perpetrating a grift, and innovate nothing except shittier working conditions for those that actually do something useful.

A small scale marijuana dealer would be more of an entrepreneur, and more honest, than any of these leeches and lampreys in the rent-a-boss rort.

And if you’re having a hand wring about an old CPA poster, you want to see some of the Anarchist posters around these days - you’ll fill your shorts like Scotty in the Engadine Maccas.