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  Jeremy Wainwright

Thanks, Mal, for the enlightenment - a lot has passed me by in the nearly 55 years since I decamped to Canberra.

Cheers, JWW.

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On 23/11/2021 17:38, Jeremy Wainwright wrote:
Does TMSV indeed have a Butterbox?

Yes, they have the body of number 9. See: href="">

As I understand it, a Geelong Pengelley fetched up at Bylands (with the attendant need for a Radiax truck)

TMSV has the body of 22. See: href="">

They also have the components of a Radiax truck - ex T180 which got the truck from 182 and is now at Hawthorn.

The two bodies are stored under cover at Bylands.

Mal Rowe - still waiting for a ride on a Geelong Pengelley.

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