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  Bill Johnson

Thanks Mal.


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Hi Bill,

I did answer yesterday - see:

Geelong 2 looks different because it has been restored to the original two-man open California combination style.

The ends were enclosed in the first half of the 1930s and they looked like the pic at:

Mal Rowe - who had his first ride on a Geelong tram on Sunday

On 23/11/2021 15:27, Bill Johnson wrote:

I don’t often post to TDU but when I do it appears within minutes --- but it’s been over a day since yesterday’s one and not sighted as yet.

I queried whether Geelong 2 was/is a Butterbox.

I recall the excitement when Bylands got the body of one. But Geelong 2 doesn’t look like one (or maybe I’ve just forgotten).