L1 Replacement Buses - not good enough.
  Tony Galloway

Today I did my usual Sunday morning trip to Marrickville growers market at the Addison Rd Community Centre.

Leaving home at 10:30 I walked the 50m or so to the bus stop, then waited a half hour for the bus, now provided in part by Transit Systems (ex State Transit) to replace the tourist coaches previously used.

When I got to Dulwich Hill I changed to the 428 bus to and from the markets, and the trip back to Lewisham (Taverners Hill stop) involved another long wait - 20 minutes - for the L1 replacement bus.

On the outbound trip I was the only passenger, inbound there were between 3 and 5 apart from me, with 3still aboard when I got off.

As the state government expects fares to be paid - even half fares - for this shitshow they need to pick up their game. Yesterday the buses were getting stuck in gridlock, today less traffic but inadequate buses and poor dispatching with bunching a problem, this half hour service gap and unpredictable frequency generally will impress no-one.

If it hadn’t been raining I would have walked.