Re: Re: Underwhelmed [Was: Closed again]

Hey Mal,i did not realize the carparking situation was so important,having
not been to the city for a very long time,probably at least 2018 and never
having used said car parks at all in m 50+ years had no real clue they were
even there,but nothing that can't be solved.Having had so much time at home
in recent months has given a lot of time to be able to indulge in copious
amounts of YouTube videos of overseas systems in particular UK & Europe
and was just in awe of how many car minimal or even car free pedestrian
zones they have,which i think could be easily developed to work just as
well in Melbourne,but the trouble i see with that is because we have done
things the same way for so long many people are very resistant to change
their habits whereas those other systems ad this from day 1.Maybe you could
change the direction of travel in different blocks of Flinders Lane to feed
the car parks from the other end or remove kerbside parking and direct
people to park in the carparks should they choose to drive,so instead of
feeding a meter on the street you pay for a car park or park outside the
cty centre and use public transport,very simple.

On Friday, 19 November 2021 at 14:52:46 UTC+11 Mal Rowe wrote:

> On 19/11/2021 11:28, timmy1041 wrote:

> > What a complete joke this has become,one simple solution here IMHO

> > only.Close off the area completely both sides,tell the vehicle lobby

> > to shut up,go up to Bourke & Spencer take a couple of photos,and go

> > backto the site with some excavators and look at the pics and say this

> > i what we are doing now go and do it.Only thing extra needed is a

> > terminating siding on either side for late

> > running/terminating/defective cars and BAM!!! there it is a full

> > pedestrian plaza with new paving etc etc and 110% more flexibility for

> > the tram network,job done (NB; I would go all the way to Collins st),

> >

> The RACV (the vehicle lobby?) suggested closing Elizabeth St all the way

> to Bourke St.


> There are a couple of issues with full closure:


> 1. There are several multi storey car parks that are accessed via

> Flinders Lane - if you close the northbound lane in Elizabeth St the

> access is either via a right turn from the southbound lane in Elizabeth

> St or entry to Flinders Lane at Russell St!


> 2. The roadway either side of the tram tracks sits directly on top of a

> pair of very large drains - where the old creek ran in the early days.

> The attached pic from facebook shows how close they are to road level.


> Mal Rowe - still hoping for better.