Re: Underwhelmed [Was: Closed again]

What a complete joke this has become,one simple solution here IMHO
only.Close off the area completely both sides,tell the vehicle lobby to
shut up,go up to Bourke & Spencer take a couple of photos,and go backto the
site with some excavators and look at the pics and say this i what we are
doing now go and do it.Only thing extra needed is a terminating siding on
either side for late running/terminating/defective cars and BAM!!! there it
is a full pedestrian plaza with new paving etc etc and 110% more
flexibility for the tram network,job done (NB; I would go all the way to
Collins st),

On Friday, 19 November 2021 at 10:36:54 UTC+11 Mal Rowe wrote:

> On 30/09/2021 08:58, Mal Rowe wrote:

> > Here's yesterday's pic of what was originally promoted as a mini-park,

> > then an improved streetscape, at the Elizabeth St terminus.

> >

> > A couple of rubbish bins and paved roadway already being used as a

> > parking area!

> >

> Elizabeth St terminus has been grassed ... with plastic grass stuck down

> with gaffer tape.


> Mal Rowe - still underwhelmed.