Re: A very different era in OH&S
  Andrew Cook

Whoops, the captions for the two press cuttings have been transposed in a file renaming exercise (cumbersome to say the least). Apologies for that.

Andrew Cook.

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Yes Mal, the Golden Square tram terminus was a safety concern, even in 1965 (see attached article). Also, here's one that would really 'impress' the safety honchos of today--a worker adjusting tramway span wires, whilst standing on the safety railing on the tower wagon platform!!!!!!! It must have drawn the attention of the SEC, as somebody has drawn an arrow on the press cutting, pointing at the worker's far-from-safe position on the platform.

From the Bendigo SEC's tramway press cuttings album, now held in the Bendigo Tramways archives.

Andrew Cook (press cutting tragic).

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Today's pic from the camera of Alan Smith shows Bendigo 6 at Golden
Square in late 1966.

The terminus was in the middle of the Calder Highway, but OH&S
precautions are basic.

The conductor swings the pole with his back to the Melbourne bound
traffic and the workman doing a bit of patching of the bitumen around
the rails has "PPE" consisting of a small sign.
He also has his back to the traffic, but I guess the boarding passengers
are keepinbg an eye out.

Mal Rowe - remembering

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