More Melbourne trams 1993-04-30

I was in Melbourne regularly on business on Fridays and often had most of
the afternoon to myself things you can do when you work for yourself. In
those days on the eve of a mass migration of Zs to the southside of
Melbourne, many tram photos were taken. Here are a few one night. I had
done what I needed to do and I travelled to East Brighton returning to
South Caulfield Jcn., probably after having visited Train World. Later in
the evening on my way home I found former CW5 now SW5 681 sitting at East


cheers and best wishes,
David in,
[Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.]

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03 837 at South Caulfield Jcn heading to Glenhuntly Depot 1993-04-30  |  3331W x 2197H  | 815.82 KB |  
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02 1007 from 837 at North Road 1993-04-30  |  3087W x 2189H  | 676.51 KB |  
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01 837 at East Brighton terminus 1993-04-30  |  3366W x 2202H  | 1.06 MB |  
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04 681 East Coburg terminus 1993-04-30  |  3129W x 2158H  | 458.16 KB |