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Tues.13.7.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Parliament: No lift access until 19.00 Wed 14 Jul (maintenance works).  Passengers requiring lift access alight at Melbourne Central, and speak to station staff for alternative transport.
Six lift shafts, weighing up to 16 tonnes each, have been craned into position in Edithvale, Chelsea & Bonbeach, ready for the stations to open later this year. We’re removing five level crossings in Edithvale, Chelsea & Bonbeach by lowering the rail into trenches.
13.09 Werribee/Williamstown lines: Major delays clearing after a police action near Newport. Trains may terminate/originate at Newport, or run direct Newport - Laverton.
- 14.19 Major delays (an equipment fault near Yarraville). Trains may terminate/originate at Newport, or run direct Newport - Laverton.
- 14.38 clearing.
Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Newport/Williamstown from 20.35 until the last train tonight (maintenance works).
These cross passages are taking shape. The tunnel will have 26 cross passages across the tunnel alignment. They will provide important access between the parallel twin tunnels in case of emergencies.
- How long until first tracks installed?
- Over the next couple of years, a substantial amount of work will be done within the tunnels, including laying the tracks, installing overhead power cabling, and testing the next generation signalling system.
- What is the power consumption of the current lighting in the tunnels vs the eventual consumption when it is complete?
Pakehnam/Cranbourne lines: All trains run direct to/from Flinders St from 21.00 until the last train (maintenance works). From loop stations, take a train from pfm 4 to Richmond [and lose 30 min].
We've started major works at Fitzgerald Rd, Ardeer. A 65 tonne piling rig and a 40 tonne excavator have begun digging foundations 9 m deep for the new road bridge.  The level crossing removal has been fast-tracked; it will be gone by 2023.
Buses replace trains Ringwood - Lilydale from 22.30 until the last train (level-crossing works).

100 per cent renewables by 2025: Grid operator pushes clean energy revolution. Nick Toscano and Mike Foley July 13, 2021. 257 comments

Litany of cyber security weaknesses identified in NSW transport agency. Tom Rabe July 13, 2021
Fewer than one in 10 Transport for NSW staff have been trained in cyber security, according to a scathing review of the government agency which found significant vulnerabilities that cannot be identified publicly because they’re yet to be fixed.
The NSW Auditor-General report into Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains was released on Tuesday and found neither agency was effectively managing cyber security, despite having identified potential risks as “unacceptably high”.
A litany of cyber security weaknesses have been identified within Transport for NSW.CREDIT:BROOK MITCHELL
As government agencies across the world grapple with increasingly sophisticated and damaging cyber attacks, the Auditor-General recommended urgent action be taken in NSW to address what they described as significant weaknesses.
“Neither TfNSW nor Sydney Trains have reduced their cyber risk to levels acceptable to the agencies,” the report said.
“Not all of the weaknesses identified in this audit – many of which are significant – had previously been identified by the agencies, indicating that cyber security risk identification is only partially effective.”
The report said several shortcomings had been identified by the Auditor-General and passed on to both agencies in December last year, but they were “yet to be remediated”.
“The audited agencies have requested that we do not disclose detail of the significant vulnerabilities detected during the audit,” the report said.
The report also revealed senior executives are not receiving regular detailed information about cyber threats.
“As a result, neither agency is fostering a culture where cyber security risk management is an important and valued aspect of executive decision-making,” it said.
Less than 8 per cent of Transport for NSW staff and 5 per cent of Sydney Trains staff had completed a cyber security training course as of January 2021. However, TfNSW has advised that it will implement mandatory annual training from July 2021 for all staff.
Transport for NSW in February confirmed it had lost some information during a cyber attack on a file transfer system Accellion, which is used by organisations and governments across the world.
The report recommended both agencies urgently address vulnerabilities identified by the audit, and increase the uptake of cyber security training.
It also recommended risks be adequately reported to executives as well and cyber security awareness training be made mandatory for all TfNSW and Sydney Trains staff.
The report found while Sydney Trains was found to have conducted assessments for its “high-risk contractors,” Transport for NSW had not.
“As a result of not risk assessing its suppliers, TfNSW cannot take a targeted approach to its contract management,” the report said.
Neither agency has reached its Cyber Security Policy target levels, which are set out by the Department of Customer Service.
In a letter to the Auditor-General, Department of Customer Service secretary Emma Hogan said her agency was working to “reduce ambiguity” in its Cyber Security Policy by making it more clearly worded.
Transport for NSW secretary Rob Sharpe told the Auditor-General the agency had invested tens of millions of dollars into cyber security over coming years. He added that TfNSW was committed to further improve cyber security.
NSW Opposition customer service and digital spokeswoman Yasmin Catley said the report was extremely concerning.
“The minister must explain why despite numerous reports now from the Auditor-General and an Upper House inquiry into cyber security, the government have failed to address significant weaknesses that exist in their cyber security controls,” Ms Catley said.
EDITOR'S PICK cyberwafr explainer Hackers can stop the trains and the lights. But could they start a war?

Tues.13.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun'  Crossing removals well ahead. TESS IKONOM0U
WORKS to remove congested level crossings in Melbourne’s west will be completed two years ahead of schedule.
Nine-metre deep foundations are being dug for a new road bridge in Ardeer, which will replace the Fitzgerald Rd level crossing by 2023.
Travel times will be cut for thousands of motorists in the area, where boom gates are down for almost half of the morning peak.
The Geelong and Ballarat lines will be free of level crossings between the city and Deer Park after the Robinson Rd level crossing is removed by 2023, along with another at Mt Derrimut Rd by 2024.
Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan said the state’s major projects were providing jobs and services for Victorians.
“It’s great to see work starting on another level crossing removal in the west, when we’re just starting to see the real-time benefits of our most recent pipeline of works,” she said.
Palmers Rd has become 20 minutes faster during the morning peak for commuters after a dog-leg was removed, and Leakes Rd by 12 minutes following several upgrades under a $l.8bn investment by the state government. Congestion easing measures have been completed on eight major roads across the west.

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