Re: Fwd: L1 Dulwich Hill Line,Incident activity

Oh - and Transdev is a French company and the French approach to industrial
relations would no doubt apply and we know where that leads.

Tony P

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 8:40:46 AM UTC+11 TP wrote:

> It'd be pretty frustrating for a bus driver driving one of those slugs.

> Once, the boot was on the other foot. I recall that there was a period of

> about a decade after the end of Sydney's trams where a lot of the

> government bus drivers were ex tram drivers and they drove the buses like

> the former Sydney trams were driven - quite "vigorously". So, with the gear

> changes and directional changes now added to the equation, you were tossed

> and jerked about like a pea in a tin. It took many years to quieten down, I

> guess in line with the ex trammies gradually retiring.


> With the development of operational contracting I see the growth of

> familiar old private bus practice like letting passengers get to a seat

> before taking off etc. It will be interesting to see how driving styles

> develop with the advent of electric buses. They have to be driven in a very

> specific way in order to maximise the use of regen. I remember some of the

> early electric bus trips at Sydney Airport where the driver hadn't overcome

> the habit of relying on the brake pedal, especially without a retarder, and

> would come flying into stops with both the regen and footbrake kicking in,

> leading to the alighting passengers being plastered against the windscreen

> if they weren't holding on.


> Tony P


> On Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 8:02:30 AM UTC+11 Matthew Geier wrote:


>> It will be industrial action - ie drivers not answering their phones to

>> take extra casual shifts, so shortage of staff.



>> Transdev stuffed up Pyrmont IR wise. For years it was a non union

>> operation and then they pushed too hard and then majority of the staff

>> went and joined the RBTU to get professional bargaining support. I don't

>> think Transdev has forgiven them.


>> Randwick is probably a mix of non union, TWU as well as RBTU members.

>> (They specifically targeted bus drivers, and 'private' bus operators are

>> TWU not RBTU in NSW).


>> I expect the Randwick depot is being paid more for being on non union

>> sanctioned contracts. I don't know if this sort of behaviour is legal or

>> not, but it happens.





>> On 12/10/21 21:51, Andrew C wrote:

>> > Operational issue or justified industrial action by driver's?

>> >

>> >