Re: Fw: Horse Trams North Adelaide

Thank you for all that information.The item of particular interest to me is
that there is a turning loop, that predates Sydney's first of 1880. Why it
was converted to a turntable I can't imagine, but the turntable was a very
common method of turning horse trams at the time.

The concept of a double-ended horse tram, with a horse at each end facing
opposite directions, is certainly an interesting one, but I have a feeling
that there is some issue with the idea that I can't quite put my finger on.

Tony P

On Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 1:34:28 PM UTC+11 jewiwa wrote:

> The same picture appears in Lionel Kingsborough's *The Horse Tramways of

> Adelaide and its suburbs 1875-1907 *(Libraries Board of S.A., 1967) with

> the caption 'Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Co., terminus at O'Connell St.,

> North Adelaide. Shewing balloon loop. c.1879'. It also appears in *Adelaide

> on the Move 1878-1978* by Chris Steele and Roger Wheaton (AETA 1978) with

> the following caption: 'Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company horse cars

> Nos. 59 and 62 at the North Adelaide terminus -- the Caledonian Hotel on

> the corner of O'Connell Street and Barton Terrace. Note the circular

> turning loop. Connections were made here with the trams of the Adelaide,

> Prospect, Nailsworth and Enfield Tramway Company after September 1883.'

> Attached is a copy of the track map of the Adelaide horse tram system in *Adelaide

> Road Transport 1836-1958* by John Radcliffe and Chris Steele (Library

> Board of S.A., 1974). Of the layout at North Adelaide, Kingsborough says,

> in relation to the original A&STCo set-up, 'At the Caledonian Hotel [trams]

> ran round a balloon loop which turned them to the southward again.' In

> relation to the A,P,N&ETCo arrangements there, he says: 'At the southern

> end the line crossed the up track of the Adelaide and Suburban Company in

> O'Connell Street and terminated between their two tracks but did not

> connect with them.' That was the 1883 arrangement. In 1895, the A&STCo took

> over the other company, 'connecting the Prospect and Enfield lines with

> their own and running cars right through to the City. ... A turntable was

> installed at the Northern Hotel [the Enfield terminus in Main North Rd,

> near Irish Harp Rd] to turn the single ended cars which now worked the

> line.'



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> This is claimed to be corner of O'Connell Street, Barton Terrace, Main

> North Road and Prospect Road with the view looking towards the south in

> 1878.Does anybody have an old system map/ track map or other information

> that confirms the date?




> Tony P


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