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12.7.21 IEV100 [the self-propelled one] down through Surrey Hills at ~11.30, up 13.15.


Undated, first 7/26:



Mon.12.7.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
6.54 Trains have resumed between Upper Ferntree Gully and Belgrave after a person was hit by a train last night.
QR Codes are now in more than 440 key locations across the public-transport network, including tram stops in the free-tram zone, Metro and VLine stations and key replacement-bus stops.  Please check-in when you see QR Codes. See http://ptv.vic.gov.au/coronavirus
- How many tram, bus and train stops are there across metro Melbourne?  I suspect this 440 represents less than 10% of the total public-transport stops.
7.37 Hurstbridge line: Major delays (police near Dennis). Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 7.42 clearing
Parliament: No lift access from 10.00 until 19.00 Wed 14 Jul (maintenance works).  Passengers requiring lift access alight at Melbourne Central, and speak to station staff for alternative transport.
19.45 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major delays (an 'operational incident') near Southern Cross.  Trains may originate/terminate at intermediate stations.
- 19.56 still major, but clearing.
Werribee/Williamstown lines: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Newport/Williamstown from 20.35 until the last train (maintenance works).
- 21.11 Major delays (an 'operational incident' near Southern Cross).  Trains may originate/terminate at intermediate stations.
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains run direct to/from Flinders St from 21.00 until the last train (maintenance works).  From loop stations, take a train from pfm 4 to Richmond..
Buses replace trains Ringwood - Lilydale from 22.30 until the last train (level-crossing works).

Train incident in Upwey: Baby dead, woman under police guard. Kiel Egging, Kimberley Seedy, Brianna Travers and Mitch Ryan. July 12, 2021
Witnesses have described harrowing scenes after a baby girl was killed by a train at Upwey, with her mother now under police guard in hospital.
Emergency workers at the scene in Upwey. Picture: Tony Gough
Floral tributes continue to grow at the site of a fatal train crash in Upwey which claimed the life of a three-month-old baby girl.
Flowers and toys, including a teddy bear that says ‘I love you’, have been left at the scene by distraught community members.
A sign saying ‘Forever loved beautiful baby girl’ was left by Louise Adams and her daughter Sookie, 6.
“It was such a shock, we actually lost our little baby at birth so we know what loss is like,” Ms Adams said
“I just can’t even imagine what the mum is going through and the rest of the family.
“In our community, in Upwey, it’s even more of a shock because we really pride ourselves on being a community that really supports each other.”
A sign left by Louise Adams and her six-year-old daughter, Sookie. Picture Rebecca Michael.
Floral tributes to a baby girl killed after being hit by a train at Upwey continue to grow. Picture: Rebecca Michael.
Mum of two Rachel left colourful ribbons, a soft toy and a children’s book at the scene. She said she was devastated to hear the baby had died.
It comes as eyewitnesses described a “chaotic” scene in the aftermath of the incident.
The little girl’s mother, who had her in a pram at the time, remains at the Royal Melbourne hospital in a stable condition under police guard.
Homicide detectives continue to probe the tragic circumstances of the rail incident which has devastated the tight-knit community in Melbourne’s outer east.
A pram at the scene of the tragedy in Upwey. Picture: Tony Gough
First responded Daniel Parton said it was a “chaotic” scene in the frantic minutes after the horror collision.
“There was a nurse and a guy doing CPR on the baby,” he said.
“The woman (the baby’s mother) was complaining about a sore shoulder. At some point when the cops arrived she picked up a rock and started trying to hurt herself. She went a bit spare when she realised what was going on.”
Detectives have combed the area for CCTV to assist them with their investigation as well as speaking to eyewitnesses in the vicinity of the scene leading up to the incident.
Police and paramedics on Sunday night. Picture: Tony Gough
They will also work with transit detectives to eliminate any fault of the train driver.
At least two dozen emergency services personnel including Victoria Police, Ambulance, CFA and SES crews attended the scene about 5.10pm on Sunday.
A giant bear and flowers were placed on the railway bridge at Kumbada Ave on Monday morning.
Resident John Martin said he heard “a lot of noise” at the time and said nearby Glenfern road had become “dangerous”.
Upwey resident Ian Snell said locals were reeling from news of the “shocking” incident.
“It’s terrible, we’re all very down about it, there’s no doubt about that,” he said.
The incident occurred in Upwey just after 5pm. Picture: Tony Gough
A giant teddy bear was placed at the railway bridge at Kumbada Ave on Monday morning. Picture Rebecca Michael
“I’m hoping it was a terrible accident and not something else.
“I’ve never seen anyone walk across the tracks or an accident at this intersection in about 30 years.”
A woman named Victoria, no surname, left a floral tribute at the scene.
“I’ve got two little girls and it’s just really sad, she said.
A Victoria Police spokesman said “all possibilities are being investigated” at this stage and no charges had been laid.

Woman Gets Taught A Lesson After She Refused To Take Her Bag Off A Seat. Mia Roberts, July 12, 2021 [The problem is universal.  Despite its reputation, NYC police didn't shoot the offender].
Public transportation is what many individuals survive on to get them from point A to point B. When traveling on a public train, bus, tram, or any other form of transportation, it’s always best to be considerate of those around you. This can make everyone’s experience using these modes of transport far more pleasant and stress-free. We all know seats can be limited in buses and trains, which is why finding one is always a blessing. Nonetheless, taking two when only one is needed can be very greedy. This woman didn’t seem to care when her bag was taking up an entire seat. The lesson she learns from this is priceless.
* Running Out of Patience. ‘We’ll have one more seat if you take her out,’ shouted one passenger from the rear. This might sound bad now but it’s only going to get a whole lot worse! The entitled woman yelled that this was her personal space. It was evident that everyone’s patience was dwindling.
* Train Manners. Large numbers pile into public transportation and there are both official and unspoken laws that come with using this mode of transport. When one lady didn’t want to follow these rules, everyone on the train decided it was time to teach her a valuable lesson.
* Rush Hour. Jessica Huit was making her way home from work after a pretty chaotic day. She was well-acquainted with the New York City streets and had seen almost everything on these trains, or so she thought. It was rush hour and she was ready to hop on the next train.
* Uncomfortable Experiences. Particularly during rush hour, being a passenger on a crowded train can be extremely uncomfortable. In some instances, you struggle to find a seat. Additionally, it’s common knowledge to only take up one seat to allow for someone else to also sit.
* Searching for a Seat. Jessica was drained by the time she boarded her train home. She gathered that there would be some overcrowding because it was rush hour. However, she intended to find a seat for her one-and-a-half-hour ride. She came across one after pacing through the carriages in vain.
* A Vacant Seat. In the last carriage, there was a vacant seat next to a young woman. She glanced over to everyone who was still. Standing and wondered why nobody had taken the seat. Besides the bag that was on the seat, it seemed in good condition.
* Ill-Mannered. Individuals can be seen engaging in anti-social behavior when trapped in a small space with many other people. In some instances, the pressure of being on a crowded train can bring the worst out in people. This was especially the case for this lady.
* No Rules. Jessica asked the woman respectfully if she could sit there while pointing to the vacant seat. The lady decided to place her Louis Vuitton bag on an
* A Conflict. The woman completely ignored Jessica with her gaze locked on her cell and her earphones in her ears. She pretended that she wasn’t aware of Jessica’s presence. At this point, the train had stopped and security had entered the carriage.
* The Officers It was then that Jessica realized she wasn’t the first person to request this seat and be dismissed by the woman. That was why these officers had come into the carriage. Jessica decided to take a step back and observe what was about to happen.
* Getting off the Train. The officer was quick to notice the lady and her purse. He instructed her to put it in the overhead trunk. However, she swatted his hand away and screamed for him not to touch her stuff. She was about to be taken off the train.
* Remaining Calm. The officer decided to extend his hand to assist her in moving the purse. She decided to take out her earphones. At this time, the officer asked if someone could sit next to her, but she didn’t want that and said that there were more seats available.
* Delaying Everyone. The man seated two seats away was getting annoyed and stated that it was already a late train and that she’s stopping everyone. However, this didn’t stop the woman. She was adamant in her standoff against the officer. The other passengers had had enough.
* An Uproar. People on the train were getting undeniably frustrated. It seemed as though everyone began shouting that there wasn’t any space, which was true. There was only standing space. It was clear that the officer was losing his patience.
* Consequences. The police officer knew that he needed to be stern now. He told her that she needed to take the bag off of the available seat or he was going to remove her from the train. The other passengers were getting angry.
* The Audacity. It was at this point that the woman looked up at the crowd of commuters and said that they weren’t disabled or pregnant. She also stated that she didn’t like bed bugs and wasn’t interested in their odor and found everyone revolting.
* Her Space. The entitled woman went on to state that this was her personal space. However, another passenger quickly fired back that it wasn’t her space at all. The officer’s composure had drastically worn down and he had finally met his breaking point.
* Getting Her Off. The police officer had had enough and yelled to get her off the train. The young lady was stunned that someone was telling her what to do. He went on to state that if she liked her personal space so much, she can get it outside.
* No Backing Down. The woman looked at the cop and couldn’t believe that someone would call her out about her disrespectful actions. However, she was determined to put up a strong flight. Even though she had already postponed the train by 25 minutes, she declined to cooperate.
* The Walk of Shame. The woman remained hesitant and didn’t move from her seat until the other officers started making strides towards her. She rolled her eyes and shook her head as she stood up with her bag. The lady walked off the train with the officers following behind her.
* Going Viral. As many interactions these days go, the whole encounter was filmed by someone’s phone. The footage quickly made the rounds online, and people were also very quick to to respond. They couldn’t believe the woman’s selfishness. How could she expect that anyone would sympathize with her behavior?
* The Crowd’s Reaction. Many commenters were quick to criticize the woman. One YouTube commenter said they hoped this would teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, other commenters pointed out that some people have invisible disabilities that outsiders cannot immediately identify, making it even worse that she was taking up an entire seat for nothing.
* New Jersey Transit Steps In. Because of this woman’s selfish actions going viral, the New Jersey Transit actually had a spokeswoman give a statement that urged passengers to make sure that their bags or luggage do not take up extra seats and that that’s what the overhead luggage racks are for.
* Getting Her Seat. Once the woman was removed from the train, Jessica was motioned to take her seat by another commuter. The officer had given the all-clear to resume the train’s travel. Jessica was moved by the stranger’s kind act of giving her the seat.
When the woman was finally removed from the train, a kind stranger signaled to Jessica that she could have her seat. Jessica was extremely moved by the passenger’s kind gesture, especially after what she had just witnessed. After the whole ordeal, the officer had given the all-clear to resume with the train’s travel.
* Living in the City. Although Jessica has been living in New York City for years, nothing like this had ever happened to her before. She knew that this was not the norm and hoped that she wouldn’t have to deal with another difficult passenger like that again. She chalked it up to part of the New York City living experience.
* Negative Experiences. We’ve all experienced some form of negative experience while traveling in public transits. In some instances, these unpleasant experiences are because of people who can’t be reasoned with, like in this instance involving a very disrespectful kid.
* Teaching Him a Lesson. Taking the subway is not always the most pleasant experience, but when another passenger acts out of line, it can make things a whole lot worse. This young boy didn’t get the memo that he was taking up three subway seats.
* Inconsiderate Passengers. Many people cannot afford a car, so they must rely on public transportation. Many others live in large cities where owning a car doesn’t make any sense, and they too use public transport often. Most of the time people are commuting to and from work, which makes it even more frustrating when another passenger is being rude or inconsiderate, like the woman who refused to move her bag or this little boy.
* Dog-Eat-Dog World. It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that commuting on public transport has become a dog eat dog world. Anyone who allows other passengers to mistreat them is going to be repeatedly mistreated. Still, it does not excuse rude passengers from acting the way they do. It’s important to let insolent passengers know when they are being inconsiderate.
* Rudeness 101. It might just be human nature that when there is scarcity, our hunter-gatherer instincts kick in. How many times have you faced a packed bus or train and you’ve girded yourself for the battle of getting a seat? Perhaps this is why people immediately become aggressive while riding public transportation instead of acting rationally.
* Being Disrespectful. There might be times where a passenger refuses to give up their seat to someone who is in the priority seating category like the elderly, pregnant, or disabled. These cases are even more baffling because it is so clear that people in the priority group should be given their deserved seat.
* Selfish Passengers. The thing is, people who are selfish also take public transportation. These passengers have a sense of entitlement that allows them to act in a selfish way and leads them to taking up way more space than they even need. Many of these people also refuse to move when asked politely, which is even worse.
* Remaining Peaceful. People can react to such situations in numerous ways. Some people try to reach an agreement in the most peaceful way possible. Otherwise, some people are just as rude by constantly arguing until they get their seats. Everyone reacts differently, and often things escalate quickly even when they don’t need to.
* Looking for Trouble. In the worst case scenario, people who feel wronged will resort to violence. Unfortunately, this happens all too often on public transportation, and it is an uncomfortable situation for all involved. What everyone needs to stop and realize is that a seat on a bus is not a reason to get violent.
* A Viral Tweet. So what happened with the little boy who took up too much space? After a commuter witnessed this situation, they were quick to share it on social media. From there, it went viral with more than 130,000 likes, 47,000 retweets, and thousands of comments. This boy had no idea he would be learning quite the lesson that day.
* Restoring Faith in Humanity. There were many comments on the Twitter post that praised the person who took a stand against the young boy’s entitled actions. Many claimed that their faith in humanity was restored because of this man who intervened and put the boy in his place.
* Capturing Unforgettable Moments. Three people could have easily sat in the space that was being occupied by one young boy. During rush hour, this can cause might frustration and the number of available seats is almost always limited or even non-existent. That’s when one man decided to right this wrong.
* Ignoring People’s Requests. It looked as though the young boy was in his own world and wasn’t paying attention to anyone’s requests for him to move his feet and allow other commuters to sit. This only caused more frustration, which led to a man taking action.
* Unsung Hero. Without any hesitation, the man seat on the boy’s legs. It’s important to note that this was after the boy ignored his polite request of moving his feet. Luckily, he didn’t cause any harm and gave the boy a wake-up call. After all, it wasn’t the boy’s seat in the first place.
* Subway Etiquette. Although the man’s actions were questioned by some, it got the result everyone was looking for. If the person doesn’t want to reason, you need to take a new approach. Hopefully, the boy can now understand the value of following subway etiquette and grow into a more considerate adult.

Mon.12.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' VICTORIANS will be paid to register their public transport passes in an effort to boost the state’s contact tracing capabilities during Covid-19 outbreaks.
The incentive scheme is being introduced from Monday and the first 60,000 people who sign up will cash in with a $10 boost to their myki balance.
The payment will be automatically added to accounts once the eligible cardholders register with Department of Transport, and is part of a wider campaign across the network to encourage Covid-safe behaviour.
Police will also be out to enforce mask rules, while QR codes are being phased in across the tram, train and bus network to help health authorities better track passenger movements in the event of another outbreak.
Experts have warned that the best way to get rid of lockdowns during the pandemic is to vaccinate people and follow health rules such as checking in at venues and wearing masks in confined spaces.
Acting Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said that with school holidays ending and restrictions easing, “we hope to see plenty of people using the public transport network to return to school or the office”.
“Registering your myki is more important now than ever before, so contract tracers can quickly identify and contact passengers if a public transport service or location becomes an exposure site,” Ms Allan said.
“Once passengers register they will also get extra benefits, like protecting their balance and setting up an auto top-up”.
Ms Allan said there was “more cleaning than ever” on public transport to better protect the health of passengers during the pandemic and she encouraged passengers to register their mykis, check in using a QR code and “get on board” the initiative.
Department of Transport figures show that the number of people using public transport is about 44 per cent of the passenger volume before the pandemic.
Half a million people have registered mykis since January but the government wants to significantly enhance the ability of contract tracers to get in touch with potentially infected people if a positive Covid case has been on the network.
The government said police and PSOs ensuring masks were being worn would also crack down on any anti-social or criminal behaviour to ensure the public “feels safe on trains, trams and buses”.
The $10 bonus is available until August 8 or until 60,000 people register cards for the first time. matthewjohnston@...
To register. go to the PTV app or a PTV hub. call I800 800 007 or visit ptv.vic.gov.auImyki

Mon.12.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' A REVOLUTIONARY data platform that will build a digital model of Victoria is about to transform the state’s building and infrastructure industry.
The Andrews govemment will on Monday announce Digital Twin Victoria — a $35.2m program which it hopes will drive the state’s planning and digital innovation capabilities.
Trillions of pieces of data will be combined to map a 3D replica of Victoria that can be used to “turbocharge” delivery of major projects.
The technology — to be operational this year — can also be used to monitor natural emergencies, vegetation growth and movement of wildlife.
The system will replace paper-based variants, delivering the same results in seconds.
Planning Minister Richard Wynne said that it would be a game-changer.
“Digital Twin Victoria will catapult Victoria into its digital future, driving efficiencies in planning and construction to supercharge the state’s long-term growth and continued economic recovery,” he said.
He said that the online platform could collect “real-time data at an astonishing rate” to help make informed planning decisions and share important information with the public.
“With the convergence of big data and advanced technology, Digital Twin Victoria will enable us to do in minutes and days things that used to take weeks, months and even years,” Mr Wynne said.
CSIRO has been employed to develop the system, which uses data and information to “create digital representations of the real world”.
It will be used to help plan, troubleshoot or test the feasibility of developments and analyse trends in housing, farmland or entire cities.
CSIRO Data6l director Jon Whittle said the system would show “the bigger picture of what’s happening to our cities over time”.
“Digital twin technologies can offer real-world benefits to not only governments and industries, but communities and individuals,” Mr Whittle said.
“And we are very pleased to now be bringing together our world-leading technologies to create Digital Twin Victoria.”
Planners, engineers and builders will be able to use the system to model projects, test the feasibility of proposals, troubleshoot potential solutions and share complex information across sectors.
Digital Twin Victoria comes after a pilot project created a digital twin for Fishermans Bend, Australia’s largest urban renewal project. peter.rolfe@...

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