Fw: Horse Trams North Adelaide
  Jeremy Wainwright

The same picture appears in Lionel Kingsborough's The Horse Tramways of Adelaide and its suburbs 1875-1907 (Libraries Board of S.A., 1967) with the caption 'Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Co., terminus at O'Connell St., North Adelaide. Shewing balloon loop. c.1879'. It also appears in Adelaide on the Move 1878-1978 by Chris Steele and Roger Wheaton (AETA 1978) with the following caption: 'Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company horse cars Nos. 59 and 62 at the North Adelaide terminus -- the Caledonian Hotel on the corner of O'Connell Street and Barton Terrace. Note the circular turning loop. Connections were made here with the trams of the Adelaide, Prospect, Nailsworth and Enfield Tramway Company after September 1883.' Attached is a copy of the track map of the Adelaide horse tram system in Adelaide Road Transport 1836-1958 by John Radcliffe and Chris Steele (Library Board of S.A., 1974). Of the layout at North Adelaide, Kingsborough says, in relation to the original A&STCo set-up, 'At the Caledonian Hotel [trams] ran round a balloon loop which turned them to the southward again.' In relation to the A,P,N&ETCo arrangements there, he says: 'At the southern end the line crossed the up track of the Adelaide and Suburban Company in O'Connell Street and terminated between their two tracks but did not connect with them.' That was the 1883 arrangement. In 1895, the A&STCo took over the other company, 'connecting the Prospect and Enfield lines with their own and running cars right through to the City. ... A turntable was installed at the Northern Hotel [the Enfield terminus in Main North Rd, near Irish Harp Rd] to turn the single ended cars which now worked the line.'

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This is claimed to be corner of O'Connell Street, Barton Terrace, Main North Road and Prospect Road with the view looking towards the south in 1878.Does anybody have an old system map/ track map or other information that confirms the date?


Tony P

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