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Tony et al.,

The caption is correct. The North Adelaide Line was opened by the Governor on 9 December 1878, (with a procession of six of the company’s large cars) with services commencing the following day. In the six months ending 31 January 1880, the North Adelaide Line carried 612,683 – or about 24,000 per week. . One may assume the picture was taken at about the time of opening. The cars are painted in the same livery as shown in photographs of John Stephenson cars built for the Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company (A&S) taken outside the Stephenson factory in New York before despatch to Adelaide, the photographic collection now being in the City Museum of New York. The line was originally built with a loop. But soon afterwards, a turntable was installed. (A&S cars were single ended which should delight Tony.) The line was later extended to Prospect and linked with the Nailsworth Company’ line, which can from the North Adelaide terminus, but was later bought out by A&S, Adelaide’s largest horsetram company. The photographer is believed to be Samuel Sweet, a well-known early Adelaide photographer. The original is held by the State Library of South Australia.

There are further details in Kingsborough LS 1967, The Horse Tramways of Adelaide and Its Suburbs 1875-1907, Libraries Board of SA, Adelaide (ISBN 0 7243 0026 0)

The various layouts were included in the following extract from the Horsetram map at maximum extent map by the late Christopher Steele who secured the details from progressive amendments made to plans held in the Sewer Plan Room of the South Australian Engineering and Water Supply Department. Earlier track layouts at various locations are shown disconnected but adjacent to the final layout. (Chris Steele was a survey draftsman)

John Radcliffe

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This is claimed to be corner of O'Connell Street, Barton Terrace, Main North Road and Prospect Road with the view looking towards the south in 1878.Does anybody have an old system map/ track map or other information that confirms the date?

Tony P
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