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Sat.10.7.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Buses replace trains Heidelberg - Hurstbridge until the last train of Sun 11 Jul (duplication works).
St Kilda Road is closed between Flinders Street and Southbank Boulevard until early Monday 12 July (tram-track work). Southbank Boulevard is also closed between St Kilda Road and Sturt Street. See http://yarratrams.com.au/projects/st-kilda-road-and-southbank-boulevard-melbourne
- I think that goes to the service: Melbourne Uni via Lygon and Sturt Streets
22.21 Craigieburn Line: Major delays (police at Roxburgh Park). Trains may be held.
- 22.48  Ongoing.
- 22.59 consider alternative transport Craigieburn - Broadmeadows.
- 23.19 Trains are resuming, with delays clearing.

Infrastructure binge to dig country out of recession. Shane Wright December 22, 2020
Governments across the country will inject an extra $46 billion into the economy through roads, school upgrades and social housing to help drag the economy out of the coronavirus pandemic over the next four years.
Analysis compiled by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia shows the response by federal, state and territory governments will be worth almost $17 billion extra in spending on infrastructure in the current financial year before stepping up even further in 2021-22.
The Melbourne Metro project, due for completion in 2025, is one of the many infrastructure projects helping support the economy out of the pandemic recession.CREDIT:JUSTIN MCMANUS
All governments have lifted infrastructure spending plans in the wake of the global pandemic, aided by a collapse in borrowing costs that have made some marginal projects viable for the first time.
Pre-pandemic $53.3 billion was expected to be spent on infrastructure in the 2020-21 financial year, but this has grown to $66.9 billion with the biggest individual spend by NSW.
The Berejiklian government, which spent $21 billion on infrastructure last year, will increase that to $22.6 billion in 2020-21 before pushing it up further to $22.9 billion in 2021-22.
The federal government will double its infrastructure spend this year to $10.9 billion before increasing to $13.7 billion by 2023-24 while the Andrews government in Victoria will almost double its spending to $18.1 billion by the same year.
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia chief executive Adrian Dwyer said all administrations were planning to spend a combined $225 billion on general infrastructure over the next 4 years, with the growth in expenditure out-stripping that of other public spending.
“Infrastructure investment has been firmly placed in the driving seat of this economic recovery,” he said. “Combined, governments are pumping nearly $5 billion of infrastructure spend into the economy every month – that’s the equivalent of building one new Western Sydney Airport a month, every month, for 48 months."
Rail projects at the state level have contributed heavily to the large increase in expenditure. NSW is sinking $28 billion into the Sydney Metro program while Victoria is spending $19 billion on the Melbourne airport rail link, the suburban rail loop and Geelong fast rail.
Other projects have also won support. Queensland is spending $1 billion and WA $449 million on their school upgrade programs.
Infrastructure Partnerships estimates governments have committed to spending the equivalent of the planned Western Sydney Airport every month for the next 48 months on new infrastructure.
Spending will peak at $71 billion in 21-22 but will remain elevated in the years after. In 2023-24, governments still expect to be spending more than $66 billion on infrastructure.
Much of the extra spending is being paid for with increased debt. Gross liabilities across all levels of government are forecast to reach $2.5 trillion by 2023-24.
Mr Dwyer said governments were not only investing in large projects but also smaller projects that could be deployed quickly.
In his mid-year budget update, federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg revealed the economy will be increasingly reliant on the public sector to "significantly" bolster growth to the June quarter of 2022.
"Commonwealth, state and territory budget updates have detailed a significant increase in infrastructure spending over the next four years, focusing on transport and public housing, along with school and hospital upgrades," federal Treasury noted.
* Fibre to the home would be a excellent use of some spending at least people in the future could work from home and have decent internet speeds.
* Big infrastructure, huge dollars, minimal impact on the everyday joe. We need smarter stimulus, less of these mega waste projects.
* It seems that most of the $billions will be spent on playing infrastructure catch-up following the Coalition and Labor’s long love affair with mass immigration. Perhaps they should consider allocating the odd dollar or so to building a better foundation for future generations.
* the Fed Govt "immigration for GDP growth" ponzi scheme pushes the costs onto the states to provide the infrastructure.
* a universal basic income for all would be cheaper and give money to those who will spend it and make this a strong economy - but LNP would rather burn all public money on the alter of their mates best interests ahead of the public good.
* Could they move overhead powerlines to under ground powerlines? Increase hospital funding and health sector wages? Hopefully they don't introduce more home buyer/builder grants - just what first home buyers need - another 100k added to their purchase price.
* Way back in time the finance minister in the then federal government, Lindsay Tanner warned that Australia had an infrastructure deficit of $770b which had occurred because of our population growth outstripping supply. Things haven't got any better.
* $11.5 billion a year over 4 years is chicken feed to what is really needed to fire up the economy! NSW and Victoria on their own are spending more than that!
* Trouble is only $46 billion is way not enough for the entire nation! Ten times that amount might get the economy going!
* There are plenty of small, easy to deploy projects if the government's look hard enough! Lots of unsealed dirt roads around Melbourne's outer suburbs and townships that could be sealed. Old narrow bridges in Country areas that could be rebuilt stronger and wider. Plenty of old train stations that could be rebuilt and modernized for the benefit of future generations. As long as it provides a ongoing benefit to future generations, borrow and spend now while the debt is cheap, sure future generations will have to pay for it, but they also will benefit from it. Having wealth isn't meant to just be endlessly saved, but wisely spent and invested too.
* Then the state should be funding it. The Feds should stick to their knitting
* A lot of money and so few jobs. Most of the money goes into mates pockets. Far better to build a ton of social housing
* "Infrastructure Partnerships estimates governments have committed to spending the equivalent of the planned Western Sydney Airport every month for the next 48 months on new infrastructure." One hopes that there isn't a similar level of dodginess associated with all those other projects. Gotta watch the LNP and their mates like a hawk!!!
* in the mean time the dream of a home for the next generation recedes ever further. Get used to being tenants forever peeps. Unless the government does something. Hahaha

Man stabbed on Sunshine train by ‘unknown offender’. Ashleigh McMillan July 10, 2021
Detectives are investigating a stabbing on a Sunshine train on Friday night, which left one man in hospital.
Investigators were told a man in his 30s was stabbed twice by an “unknown offender” on a train travelling through Sunshine in Melbourne’s west just before 9.30pm last night, according to Victoria Police.
No arrests have been made.
A spokeswoman for Ambulance Victoria said the man received lower body injuries in the attack and was taken in a stable condition to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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