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  Andrew Cook

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Google is confused!

Confused alright--my property title of 1862 has been surveyed very, very, badly--drawn up out of scale, with incorrect measurements, etc., etc., and the so-called 'surveyor' who drew up this abortion, got a surveying team of 'off the street' amateurs to do the job. Google has used it and so has every government department and local government ever since, including the lands department, where some bastard went and changed all the adjoining (then) unused road angles and dimensions in 1951, without changing the property titles!!!!!! And the 1862 survey was done to true north, whilst the 1951 manipulation used magnetic north! A real mess perpetuated by Google.

Andrew Cook (who thinks he may own the local creek and part of an adjoining property, if the authorities insist on the 1862 survey abortion).