Swanston Street v St Kilda Road

Hi all,

Well I hadn't expected such an interesting discussion about this.

I think the situation is most unusual as there are no other roads in
Melbourne that have as much distance before hitting the river. Market
Street & Spencer Street both hit the river more or less at Flinders
Street. I have always believed that Swanston Street went to the river and
now that the Melbourne City Council information indicates the same, that is
then the right name. Google maps has always been doubtful in some areas of
naming. I just had a look at Melway on line and the attached images are
quite specific about the name of that bit of road - Swanston street.

Spencer Street crosses Flinders Street and meets Spencer Street bridge so
that bit of road must be Spencer Street supporting the theory of Swanston

cheers and best wishes,
David in Avenel.au,
[Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.]

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