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Fri.9.7.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Argyle Avenue, Chelsea, is closed at the level crossing until today (of level-crossing removal works). Use the Bondi Road or Chelsea Road crossings. see http://levelcrossings.vic.gov.au/disruptions/argyle-avenue-chelsea-level-crossing-closure
5.46 Frankston line: Always got delay  5.30am depart from southerncross station to frankston 5.47am. Delayed and missed from5.30am southern cross, 5.36am flinders street to 5.30am frankston (got delayed), 5.46am flinders street AMAZING! Thank you very much Got late to my work again
7.28 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major delays for some trains through Dandenong (a trespasser).
- 7.39 So irritating, this happens way too often.
- 7.40 The driver of the train I’m on just said it’s still ongoing.
- 7.42 Any updates on this? We can't even get an uber because we are not at a station.
- 7.42  I am planning to reach CBD by 1 pm today. Will I be able to make it to CBD, If I catch 8 am train from Pakenham?
- 7.43 From my experience you might have to leave a little earlier.
- 7.57 Can you please provide an update? We have been sitting here for half an hour and our driver knows nothing.
- 8.00 change your official slogan to "We apologise for the delay" so your employees don't have to say it every 2 mins.
- 8.03 What's the ETA? Been stuck here for nearly an hour now
- 8.07 At this rate you should have left yesterday & stayed the night. Haven’t moved in 50 min now.
- 8.08 It's time to get some buses to take us to Caulfield soon.  It's 1° out here and we've been waiting over an hour. You going to sign my sick note for work?
- 8.17 Trains are on the move now.
- 8.24 We had to stop all trains approaching Dandenong (police attending to a trespasser near the tracks). [but always call it a 'request' and never a 'demand'].
- 8.29 Today was first attempt at going back to the office in 2 months, after waiting for the train to depart Berwick for an hour I gave up and will continue to work from home. Better luck next time.
- 8.48  I'm still trying to defrost.
- 11.54 Minor delays, clearing.
8.06 What about Craigieburn? No mention on that this morning but our we're still waiting on 7:56 train at 8:05 at Moonee ponds. There are problems every day; that's not okay.
- 8.21 We have a defective pedestrian gate between Moonee Ponds & Essendon. This crossing is now under protection; trains are on the move, with minor delays.
11.54 Upfield line: Buses will replace trains North Melbourne - Coburg from 12.00 while urgent repair works take place [on our newly-built elevated]. A train shuttle will run Coburg - Upfield. Travel time is extended by 30 min. It is anticipated that trains will resume prior to the afternoon peak.
- 13.07 Trains resume. First trains: 12.57 ex Upfield; 13.09 ex Flinders St.
12.41 Sunbury/Craigieburn lines: All trains direct to/from Flinders St (urgent trackworks). For loop stations, change at Southern Cross for trains from pfm 9. From loop stations, take a Flinders St train from pfm 2 and change at Southern Cross.
- 13.09 Outbound trains have resumed via the loop.  First trains: 13.14 Craigieburn; 13.20 Sydenham Watergardens.
14.36 Werribee/Williamstown lines: Citybound delays (an 'operational incident' near North Melbourne. Trains may depart from altered platforms at North Melbourne.
- 14.43 Every. Single. Day. This. Week. Has seen issues with trains. I’m now stuck between Kensington and North Melbourne, how do I get off the train? Your policy of ‘no refunds ever, even if we can’t deliver the service you’d paid for’ is a real highlight.
- 14.47 There has been an incident with your train.  It will move off soon, if it hasn't done so already. If you wish to submit feedback and request a fare reimbursement, go to http://bit.ly/2b7jike or call 1800 800 007.  Each request is reviewed by one of our team members from Passenger Relations, and they'll be in touch.
- 17.25 Major delays (police near Yarraville). Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations; or run direct Newport - Laverton.
- 17.38 clearing.
17.24 Glen Waverley line: Major delays (police near Holmesglen). Select trains may terminate/originate at Darling.
- 17.42 clearing.  Trains may operate at a reduced speed Holmesglen - Jordanville while police conduct investigations lineside.
Buses replace trains Heidelberg - Hurstbridge, from 21.00 until the last train of Sun 11 Jul (duplication works).
21.39 Sunbury line: Buses to replace trains Footscray - Sydenham  Watergardens (police). Buses have been ordered, but may take over 60 minutes to arrive.  Consider alternatives.
- 22.09 Anticipate buses to replace trains Footscray - Albion until at least 23.00. [the ability to reverse there was removed; how was this being achieved?]
- 22.29 Two buses are in operation, adding 30 min.
- 22.49 Six buses are in operation.
- 23.06 Sunbury line: Trains have resumed, with minor delays.
- 23.08 What happened at Sunshine station?  [Metro will never reveal].
Upfield line: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Coburg from 0.30 to 3.45 Sat 10 Jul (urgent overhead power works), adding 40 min.  Consider route 19 trams along Sydney Rd for local trips.
1.28 Sandringham line: Major delays (an earlier 'operational incident', and a train fault at Ripponlea). Trains will be held.

Explosive messages in VLine corruption scandal, Tess Ikonomou July 9, 2021
A lawyerlinked to a cleaning company accused of bribing V/Line and Metro trains officials told a former client to “make sure” a critical document was not seized by investigators.
The lawyer linked to a cleaning company accused of bribing transport officials to win contracts suggested evidence should be destroyed amid a corruption probe.
The lawyerlinked to a cleaning company accused of bribing transport officials to win contracts suggested evidence should be destroyed amid a corruption probe.
Explosive WhatsApp messages reveal solicitor Steven Collin told a former client, ex-Transclean contract manager Marie Tsakopoulos, to “make sure” a critical document was not on her computer when seized so investigators would “never find it”.
The messages emerged at the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission hearing on Thursday, as the authorities probe contracts awarded by V/Line and Metro Trains.
Former VLine chief executive James Pinder was sacked in October last year following corruption allegations.
The exchange on August 26 last year followed a search of then V/Line chief executive James Pinder’s $2.5m ­Williamstown home.
They discussed a document which allegedly showed a $300,000 “loan” from Ms Tsakopoulos to Mr Pinder.
Another note allegedly detailed a $20,000 “gift” she had paid Mr Pinder.
But Ms Tsakopoulos claims the loan was actually worth $320,000.
Mr Collin told Ms Tsakopoulos in the message that she should “definitely” destroy the document that allegedly listed the loan as $300,000 as it didn’t support the “veracity” of the claim she had loaned Mr Pinder $320,000.
“S--t. I hope they didn’t get that off him,” he wrote.
Ms Tsakopoulos asked if Mr Pinder was still in possession of it, whether he should “burn the c--t”.
“Definitely,” Mr Collin responds, before agreeing again when Ms Tsakopoulos follows up with “should we as well??”
“And make sure it’s not on your computer for anyone … so when they (IBAC) seize it they never find it,” his message read.
That exchange came hours after Mr Collin said he had been instructed by Ms Tsakopoulos at a face-to-face meeting to place a caveat on Mr Pinder’s home.
At Thursday’s hearing, Mr Collin initially maintained that he couldn’t remember what the document in question was, only that he “didn’t like it”. He later admitted:“I thought it wouldn’t be helpful if there was an IBAC inquiry, if that document was in the ether”.
Counsel assisting the commission, Paul Lawrie, labelled Mr Collin’s lack of memory a “complete fiction”.
“As you sit here today, are you caused any discomfort by the fact that you’ve advised Marie Tsakopoulos to try and frustrate an IBAC inquiry?” he asked. Mr Collin said he didn’t realise how important the document was at the time.
Commissioner Robert Redlich, QC, asked the solicitor if there was ever justification to tell a client to remove or destroy a document that could be subject to an inquiry.
Mr Collin said there could be, if deleting an earlier version which muddied a final agreement.
Also on Thursday, Ms Tsakopoulos was pressed about whether it had occurred to her that it was inappropriate for Mr Pinder to seek money from her, given she managed Transclean’s contracts with V/Line.
“No, never,” she responded.

Coronavirus world: Pfizer says fully vaccinated people need third Covid booster, Megan Palin, Maria Bervanakis, Merryn Johns, David Aidone, Nadia Salemme and AFP July 10, 2021 News Corp Australia Network 337 comments [with ATN]

Man fined over shocking brawl with girlfriend’s ex on Gold Coast tram tracks. Blake Antrobus July 9, 2021 NCA NewsWire
A man has avoided jail for a wild brawl with his girlfriend’s ex that spilled over onto tram tracks in the Gold Coast.
video: Brawl on Surfers Paradise tram tracks. A Gold Coast restaurant worker repeatedly punched a man on Surfers Paradise tram tracks in a fight sparked by jealousy. Antonio Gatt unleashed the flurry of…
A man has been fined over a wild brawl that left another man knocked out cold on Gold Coast tram tracks earlier this year.
Antonio Sean Gatt launched the vicious attack when he and his girlfriend ran into the woman’s ex-boyfriend during a night out in Surfers Paradise on January 28.
Video footage shows an argument breaking out between the two men before things get physical.
Gatt, in black, can be seen throwing multiple punches and kicks at the man as the brawl spills onto the tram tracks.
Antonio Gatt (in black) pleaded guilty to affray on Thursday over the brawl in Surfers Paradise earlier this year.
The victim narrowly missed the kerb after being knocked out by one of Gatt’s punches.
He was dragged to safety as a tram crossed the street.
The victim can be seen trying to restart the brawl upon regaining consciousness, but the fight quickly dissipates.
Gatt’s victim (grey shirt) was knocked out cold on the tracks.
On Thursday, Gatt pleaded guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to affray.
The court was told Gatt had been provoked into the fight by the other man and he had recently checked himself into a rehabilitation facility, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.
Gatt was convicted and fined $900.

Fri.9.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Project concept designs
Melbourne Airport Rail will run from a new station at Melbourne Airport to Sunshine station, where it will then travel through the metro tunnel into the heart of the CBD before continuingon to the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines.
This route delivers the best connections from Melbourne Airport to the regions and suburbs for all Victorians, getting people to where they want to go with easy transfers to all regional lines and trips into the heart of the CBD in around 30 rninutes.
We want to hear your views on parts of the project including:
— Sunshine transport superhub
— Albion flyover and station works
— Walking and cycling connections
— Bridge over the Maribyrnong River Valley
— Bridge over the Western Ring Road (M80)
Check out our virtual information room to view the concept designs at airportrail.vic.gov.au and then have your say by completing the online surveys at engage.bigbuild.vic.gov.au.
[Standard Labor technique to shut the masses up: pretend to consult them, and ignore the lot]

Fri.9.7.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Letters:
* Clean up city first, So Lord Mayor Sally Capp wants to get public servants back to offices.
This in a city brought to a crawl due to bike lanes (no consultation), with beggars, streets smelling of urine, graffiti everywhere, bins overflowing with rubbish, yet the
council gives the tick to a drug-injecting room,
You have to be joking. I am staying home for my own health and safety until we get a council that consults and listens to ratepayers and makes Melbourne safe for everyone.
* PUT Puffing Billy on the run to Geelong for a quick trip.

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