Re: Swanston St or St Kilda Rd? (Was: TMSV # 127)
  Mal Rowe

On 09/10/2021 13:37, Jeremy Wainwright wrote:
>  My guess is that, back before the grand Princes Bridge that we know today, St K Rd started at Flinders St, crossed the rather ramshackle (1843) bridge known colloquially as Balbirnie's Bridge and later the first Prince's Bridge (a stone arch structure opened in 1851, known also as Lennox's Bridge after its designer) and it was accepted that the bridge (in whatever form) had no effect on the name of the road.

Agreed the attached map from the SLV collection possibly dates from around 1860.

It shows a blank in the area between Flinders St and the Yarra, and probably misrepresents the actual alignment of the M&HB railway bridge.

Some of the map is probably conjecture.  M&HB railway opened in 1954, Parliament house started construction in 1855 and the government railway terminus at Spencer St was established in 1859.

If I'm correct about some conjecture - then the date may be around 1853.

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