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  Mal Rowe

On 08/10/2021 21:57, espee8800 wrote:

> Now to round off this discourse, some tram pictures from last century. These were all taken on 22 September1979 whilst doing a day around Melbourne on one of the newly created 'Passmaster. ticket. They are not in any particular order, part of the day was tram 581 Flinders Street to Moonee Ponds, tram 560 to Ascot Vale, tram 504 toWest Maribyrnong, and tram 700 from the junction to Footscray.

The pic at shows Z2 102 - which was only a few months old at the time.

102 went up in flames in High St Northcote at the tender age of 3 in 1982.

Parts of it live on - the control gear was used to return Z1 (ZC) No 5 to normal controls and No 5 is at Bylands.

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