Re: A visit to a Provincial Tramway
  Mal Rowe

Fifth post ...

It was now early afternoon and we headed back north in time to catch Santa's tram passing the service car in Macarthur St.

Shops closed at 12 noon on Saturday, so passenger loadings dropped dramatically.

The SEC took the bogie cars off the Lydiard St North to Sebastopol route and replaced them with single truckers.

37 was being replaced with 13 in the shot taken from Stafford Court near the depot.

Mal Rowe - noticing the size difference.

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17-21 MacarthurSt 16Nov1968  |  1614W x 1050H  | 318.64 KB |  Photo details
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37-13 WendoureePde side-on 16Nov1968  |  1850W x 1005H  | 434.7 KB |  Photo details