Re: A visit to a Provincial Tramway
  Mal Rowe

Third post ...

Beating Santa into the city was easy in my Ford Cortina!

I spotted 28 in the City Loop - a bit unusual for a weekend day - and it had a coupling bar attached.

It seems that the controller had failed and 28 had been towed into the loop to get it out of the way until it could be retrieved later.

Continuing on to Santa's destination we got there in time to see 34 on the way to Sebastopol passing.

Mal Rowe - still waiting for Santa

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28 CityLoop 16Nov1968  |  1638W x 1050H  | 256.17 KB |  Photo details
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34 SturtSt 16Nov1968  |  1599W x 1050H  | 260.35 KB |  Photo details