A visit to a Provincial Tramway
  Mal Rowe

The Ballarat Tramways closed 50 years ago.

This posting is the first of a short series recalling what it ws like to be able to drive less than 100km from Melbourne and step back decades in tram travel.

All the pics were made on Saturday 16th of November 1968 - nearly 3 years before the closure and nearly 53 years back from now.

That day also marked the closure of the All Night bus service - which had run since the all night tram service closed in 1957.

First order of the day was to join fellow fans at Central Bus Garage in Scotchmer St Fitzroy to watch the last bus disappear inside.

I then drove Bob Prentice and probably some others to Ballarat where we arrived in time to see Santa's tram preparing to run out from the depot.

A couple of young passengers wait excitedly at the gate.

Mal Rowe - delighted to have enjoyed the provincial tramways in their last few years

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350-Last Allnight-bus ScotchmerSt 16Nov1968  |  1650W x 1050H  | 222.59 KB |  Photo details
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21 Santa-tram Lake BallaratDepot 16Nov1968  |  1590W x 1050H  | 386.67 KB |  Photo details