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If my mum had said to a junior Yuri, I'll meet you at Kew Junction, and I'd waited at Kew Post Office, I've got a clip over the ears for wasting her time 😳. She might say wait at the Cenotaph or Kew Post Office for tthat area. I seem to recall that there was a crossover in Cotham Road outside the Post Office - remember getting chucked off an outbound tram in pouring rain there (because I'd bought a 5d ticket instead of a 6d ticket) by an inspector.

Both Googlemaps and Openstreetmap centre on the five way road junction in their search results for Kew Junction.

If Kew Junction refers to tram junctions, why have I never heard of a name for the High Street / Barker's Road / Church Street tram junction, nor a term for Burwood Road / Church Street / Bridge Road tram junction, the latter stop having only been referred to as Hawthorn Bridge (I had to get on/off there when rowing at Xavier 53+ years ago, cheating as we were supposed to run to/from school to the boatsheds adjacent to the Bridge).

Likewise is Camberwell Junction so named because it's a tram junction? In all my 70 years I'd never have thought so.

Clarendon Street Junction used to be called Port Junction (still is on Googlemaps) and was unambiguously meant to convey the location of the Port Melbourne line and St Kilda line junction as there was no road there.


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On 5 September 2021 12:00:12 pm Mal Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:

> On 05/09/2021 07:59, David McLoughlin wrote:

>> What intersection is officially regarded as Kew Junction?

> General usage for the term would include both intersections - and refers to the shops etc in the area.

> See attached map from a report by the local council.

> However, the 'real' junction would be the point where Princess St meets Studley Park Rd, High St etc.

> The commercial heart would be at the start of Cotham Rd - centred around the Post Office.


>> Mal notes the works includes "Kew Junction" but what is meant by this? The link and map are unclear. Do the works include the 48/109 tram junction at the Cotham Rd corner or is this excluded?

> The actual works areas are marked on the map with pale orange cross hatching.

> They include High St beside Kew Depot, Kew junction - but not the Cotham Rd junction, and High St from Harp Rd to Burke Rd as you noted.

> Mal Rowe - out of range


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