Re: Re: Another big track renewal job in Melbourne
  Mal Rowe

On 05/09/2021 07:59, David McLoughlin wrote:
> What intersection is officially regarded as Kew Junction?


General usage for the term would include both intersections - and refers to the shops etc in the area.

See attached map from a report by the local council.

However, the 'real' junction would be the point where Princess St meets Studley Park Rd, High St etc.

The commercial heart would be at the start of Cotham Rd - centred around the Post Office.


> Mal notes the works includes "Kew Junction"  but what is meant by this? The link and map are unclear.  Do the works include the 48/109 tram junction at the Cotham Rd corner or is this excluded?

The actual works areas are marked on the map with pale orange cross hatching.

They include High St beside Kew Depot, Kew junction - but not the Cotham Rd junction, and High St from Harp Rd to Burke Rd as you noted.

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