Re: Re: Some Golden Oldies.

Nice ones Andrew. Have you looked at the Public Records photo collection
yet? Whilst there are a lot of railway related stuff, there is also some
tramway images. This collection is now like all the libraries collections,
in high resolution. They have given up on the idea of trying to sell high
res images as there is nobody left there who has the skill.

On Sat, 4 Sept 2021 at 15:31, Andrew Cook D3619@...> wrote:

> Here's a few tramway happy snaps courtesy of the State Library of

> Victoria--Flinders and Swanston Streets with Richmond cable trams passing,

> taken during World War I, an up 2-car? dog-box set (possibly from North

> Fitzroy) passing over the Queen's Parade bridge at Clifton Hill, with a

> Northcote cable tram in the view (late 1920s?) and not tramway but

> railway--Camberwell railway station before regrading with E class tank

> engines on suburban passenger trains (one Princes Bridge bound).


> Enjoy,


> Cheers,

> Andrew Cook.


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