RE: John Withers (1934-)

Definitely a colourful tramway identity.

In the formative years of the BTPS, I never saw his mother leave the Land Rover.

He threw his lot in with the boys at Haddon when they started up in the late 70s.


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A well known and colourful Melbourne tramway identity, John Withers, is not travelling well in September 2021. In more recent times, John has been actively involved at the Haddon tram museum. Earlier, he was a stalwart of the AETA (Australian Electric Traction Association) Victorian Division.

John was known to drive a blue Land Rover which he used to tow Ballarat trams (allocated to the BTPS) from the SEC depot to near what is now known as “depot junction”. His late mother often accompanied him on these adventures.

John’s family was involved in the well-known Heidelberg (art) School.

Like some other tram enthusiasts of the era, John chose never to wear at tie. Accordingly, he was often an apology at convention dinners and the like.

I understand John, although not travelling well, in comfortable in residential care. He is 87.

Paul in Melbourne