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  Mal Rowe

On 03/09/2021 17:54, Jeremy Wainwright wrote:
> Yes, almost certainly the Victoria Bridge terminus (note the hint of pointwork at the left of the picture), given that the trailer is lettered 'Victoria Street' and that the land rises pretty abruptly in the background (on the Kew side of the river). On the trailer roof are two signs, one saying 'Kew', perhaps an indication that the horse tram connection was in operation by the time the photo was taken, and the other saying 'Cyclorama', which is an interesting coincidence in the light of JCR's comment on the Hindley St, Adelaide, photo. The Melbourne Cyclorama was on Victoria Parade:


The picture is from a collection of photos made by the George Washington Wilsom Co during a visit in 1892.  They arae held by the University of Aberdeen.

Attached is a section of another pic from the series - a view looking north east from the post office tower.

No trams are in view in this image, but a few landmarks can be seen:

At far left the Hibernian Hall - now RMIT's Storey Hall which I mentioned in a post at

A bit further to the right is the shot tower - now encapsulated in Melbourne Central shopping centre.

Behind that the Exhibition Buildings.

Closer an a little to the right the Public Library.

Behind that and on the horizon is the chimney of the cable tram engine house at Gertrude St.

Right of centre and closer the spire of Wesley Church in Lonsdale St.

Behind the spire and a little to the right is the Cyclorama building which Jeremy mentions.

To the right of that another cable tram engine house chimney - at the corner of Victoria Pde and Brunswick St.

At far right Parliament House with the unfinished St Patrick's cathedral behind it.

Mal Rowe - wondering who can tell me what structure in the picture is now at a tram museum

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