New CSELR cab view

Another excellent cab video from Richard. I hope I'm not jumping the gun on
you by posting this here before you do Richard.

What Richard calls a fast trip is about 2 minutes under timetable, still
not very fast but good driving skills nonetheless. Traffic light priority
still needs tuning but slowly getting there. Three thoughts from this film:

1. Definitely the wrong sort of trams for Sydney. They need to be proper
(swivelling) bogie trams. You can see the dynamic deficiencies as it hits
any sort of curve. This slows them down and will also cost them dearly in
track maintenance in the long term.

1. Trams are too long, which contributes to the unwieldiness, especially
pulling out of curves. A maximum 45 metre single unit would have been
better for Sydney. Yes I know capacity will go down and frequency would
have to be increased to compensate, but that's not a bad thing.

3. The speed limit along George St should be increased to 30 km/h. Still
just as safe and it will improve the running time.

Tony P