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Tues.1.6.21 Metro Twitter
Aircraft: No ramp access to platforms until late 2021 (pedestrian-underpass works).
Flinders St: still with a lane closed for tunnel works.
Public transport is operating as normal. Everyone in Victoria should be wearing a mask everywhere, unless they have an exemption. Cash isn't accepted on board public transport.
Revisit this 2020 blog post about Doncaster rail proposals over time. https://prov.vic.gov.au/about-us/our-blog/waiting-train-arrive
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Buses replace trains Caulfield - Dandenong from 20.40 until the last train (maintenance works).

Ballarat Line - June and July disruptions overview 17 Jun 2021 [still saturation propaganda, even with a lot of spin removed]
The Ballarat Line continues to be impacted as VLine works on Melton station and delivers maintenance works.
Works continues on the 'metro' tunnel and level crossing removals.
You can keep up to date with planned disruptions on the Ballarat Line by subscribing to our weekly travel update email.
Download the Ballarat Line June and July disruptions calendar (PDF) 1.2 MB
Ballarat Line June/July disruptions
Works start    Works finish    Status
Tuesday 1 June     Evening services only
Friday 4 June    Thursday 10 June    Evening services only
Saturday 12 June    Sunday 13 June    First to last service
Monday 14 June    Sunday 20 June    Evening services only
Sunday 27 June    Tuesday 29 June    Evening services only
Saturday 3 July    Sunday 4 July    First to last service
Monday 5 July     Friday 16 July    Evening services only
Saturday 17 July    Sunday 25 July    First to last service
Monday 26 July    Saturday 31 July    Evening services only
Frequently Asked Questions
* The Ballarat line continues to be disrupted even after the Ballarat Line Upgrade was officially completed. Why couldn’t these works have been combined?
- VLine crews require access to the entire length of the line to safely and successfully complete major as well as monthly maintenance works. It is therefore not feasible to have multiple crews working on the line at the same time. Also, the detailed preparation that is involved in planning maintenance means the works are scheduled up to 12 months in advance.
* Why couldn’t the evening rail milling work that is currently taking place at night have been done during the recent major disruption which took place in April/May? 
- The night works involve a special rail milling machine which requires the full length of the track. This machine removes rust and debris from the rail line, ensuring a smoother ride, reducing wear and tear on trains and keeping train detection systems working.
* Why has the rail milling work been broken up into blocks of on-going night works rather than being done in one go?
- The Ballarat line is 123km long, and rail milling is happening along large portions of the track so it takes some time for the rail milling machine to cover the distance required. Completing the works in the evenings in 8-night blocks minimises disruption to the majority of passengers on the Ballarat line and means that trains can run during peak periods during the day.
* Why is the Ballarat line being disrupted by works taking place on the Metro Tunnel and the Sunbury Line Upgrade?
The Metro Tunnel and Sunbury Line Upgrade works are within metres of the dedicated V/Line tracks which carry VLine trains to and from Melbourne and workers will need to operate machinery on top of the V/Line tracks which makes it unsafe for trains to run. 
Once completed, the tunnel will offer better connections for regional passengers travelling to and from Melbourne.

Three new Covid cases, alarm over ‘stranger-to-stranger’ infections. Mitch Clarke, Mitch Ryan, Brianna Travers, Eliza Sum and Kara Irving. June 1, 2021 1800 comments
A virus alert has been issued for regional Victoria after a Covid-positive Victorian returning from NSW visited a slew of sites before returning to Melbourne.
Regional Victorians are on high alert after a COVID-positive case visited a slew of venues while returning to Melbourne from New South Wales.
Victoria is grappling with the outbreak, which now includes 54 infections.

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