Gloomy skies at 'The 'Ponds'
  Mal Rowe

Essential travel took me to Moonee Ponds today and despite the gloomy weather I took the camera.

The pic of 2016 looks south from the junction and shows a 'pop-up park' installed by the local council on a long-closed petrol station site beside the tram in Mt Alexander Rd.

The pic of 117 looks north over that park, from the Ascot Vale Rd side.

Mal Rowe who remembers "Floyd's Ice Works' occupying the site now used by "Future Medical Imaging"

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2016 MooneePonds 3Sep2021  |  1850W x 918H  | 376.4 KB |  Photo details
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117 MooneePonds 3Sep2021  |  1728W x 1050H  | 412.97 KB |  Photo details