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Wed.28.4.21 Metro Twitter
Trains will not stop at Hallam until the last train of Tue 4 May (level-crossing works). Shuttle buses will operate Dandenong - Hallam - Narre Warren.  No access to station facilities or platforms during this time.
Buses replace trains Richmond - Glen Waverley from 20.10 until the last train (maintenance works).
Lilydale/Belgrave lines: Buses replace trains Parliament - Camberwell from 20.30 until the last train (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains Epping - Mernda from 20.50 until the last train (works).

COVID-19 IN AUSTRALIA New cases Reported Apr 28 (Updated 11.10): 0 locally acquired; 20 in hotel quarantine

APRIL 28 2021 Next stage of Canberra light rail work under way before the end of the year. Jasper Lindell Alex Crowe
Engineers have completed preliminary designs for the complicated task of raising London Circuit to allow the next stage of Canberra's light rail project to join Commonwealth Avenue.
* this comment contains sarcasm.  I am so happy that the ACT Government found an awesome way to spend rate-payer's money. A light rail is absolutely the BEST way to spend the toils of everyday ACT citizens. Who needs schools to be rid of asbestos, public transport that actually services the needs of Canberran's or a hospital that is staffed and efficiently run, not to mention an absolute waste of money prison. YAY !! We get more tinsel trains to nowhere, awesome....
* Sad and funny at the same time. How about a plebiscite on either a new (large!), hospital in Gunghalin or Stage 2 of the tram. But we had an election...Barr doesn't have the moxie to offer that to Canberra.
* We have had multiple elections, with light rail as a major ongoing policy, and they keep getting voted back in. That Canberra does not agree with you, must bite!
* Not really SIA. Hitler was freely elected, so was Trump. Good results, yes? The past elections haven't been a one issue election either. Do you seriously think if the citizens of Canberra had a choice between a new hospital north side or the tram, the tram would win? The tram isn't a bad idea at all, but the cost is simply ridiculous. Someone is making a lot of money out of it at the expense of Canberra's ratepayers. Frankly SIA I don't like any political party. If it was Lee making the same decisions as Barr, I would be equally resistant, scornful and amazed at the arrogance of the encumbant. I am constantly bemused why seemingly intelligent people become attached to a political ideology.
* The Federal government is spending $747 billion bolstering Australia's northern defence infrastructure. That same amount will buy under 6kms of Stage 2 of the tram. Think about it for a moment. Barr's staffers, boosters, I can't wait to read your responses.

Wed.28.4.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' Letters:
INEFFECTIVE Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll fails to justify why dehumanising masks are required on Victoria’s public transport (HS, 27/4).
He compares us to distant Hong Kong but fails to mention comparable local cities.
Last week, few wore one on Adelaide Metro’s Glenelg tram, Sydney's Manly ferry, trains, Randwick light rail or buses. On the long-distance railcars from Broken Hill towards Sydney, we
were mask-free.
Locally, unrelated individuals in cars or trucks sit closer than passengers on off-peak trains, trams and buses.
Yet no one in a car is required to wear a mask. Nauseous, constant droning announcements on Metro stations and trains from CHO Brett Sutton have hallmarks of a scared Labor govemment wanting to be seen to “do something”.
It’s another clever James Merlino distraction from the 801 COVID-19 deaths caused in 2020 by Daniel Andrews’ arrogance
Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s recent claim international borders could stay closed for much longer even if 255 million Australians were vaccinated is a similarly outrageous attack on our civil liberties.
At least young students have sense, with few wearing masks on public transport. There’s hope for the side yet.