Re: Tram Square and a Tait
  Yuri Sos

On Tue, 3 Aug 2021 11:49:16 +1000, Hunslet wrote:

>Yuri makes mention that THE Tait set stalled on the bank approaching Camberwell station.

One of the gunzels at Riversdale rang/was rung by someone at Camberwell who passed on the information when the train hadn't appeared at Riversdale at the appointed time of 10:04am. It appeared at 10:12 on the down and 10:23 (scheduled 10:26) on the up. I'd agree they probably reversed at Ashburton rather than continuing all the way to Alamein. I feel sorry for anyone who might have been waiting at Alamein for the "Tait-at-Terminus" shot.

One thing that was interesting and very good PR by both Steamrail and Metro was that the platform announcements were used to appraise passengers and photographers of what was happening.

At Yarraville station the announcement over the Tannoy was "the next train on platform one will be the Heritage Electric Train. It has just left Spotswood and should be here in a couple of minutes." Brilliant by whoever was responsible for that.

There was also an announcement at Riversdale station but I had already taken up my position for the "Up-Tait-Over-Tram-Square-and-Signal-Box" shot the contents of which I couldn't hear but it caused several people on the down platform to burst into a run. The Tait appeared shortly thereafter as well.

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