Puff for Manchester trams and for overhead charger
  Dudley Horscroft


Above link leads to article in RTM regarding Manchester trams. Blowing
Manchester's trumpet, but it is a good thing to do - Manchester has been
a good example of what should have been occurring in the UK, and surely
would have were it not for Alistair Darling!   (Think Leeds and South

This is followed by a piece on overhead charging for the VLR trials near
Coventry.  Noteworthy is that to charge the batteries of the VLR will
take about 3 to 5 minutes.  This may be OK at a terminus, but here I
would agree with all bean counters that a very expensive tram should not
be idle for that time when, by stepping back drivers, it could be
usefully on the road earning money from a revenue service.


Dudley Horescroft