Re: A Winter's Day in the GTCOTS
  Yuri Sos

"A little ray of sunshine has come into my world"......

Brilliant sunshine for a short time between two cold fronts and gale force winds had me out and about back at St Kilda Road.

I was looking to snare a "threesome" ..... but as Meatloaf famously said "two out of three ain't bad".

So here I am just north of the intersection with Southbank Boulevard to photograph trams on the recently relaid track.

B2.2037 on a route 67 and B2.2115 on a route 1 wait side by side for the traffic lights to change. There are two points indicators to indicate the route set to the drivers. In the hour I was there I noted that short trams (ie Z3 and D1) pulled up at the points indicator closest to the points, and did the "count to 5", then proceeded. D2s however stopped at the first signal, counted to 5, then advanced to the second signal, stopped, counted to 5 then proceeded. Three D2s performed the double stop. Odd.
{2,000 x 1,250 pxl; 2.09MB}

Try as I might there wasn't three trams side-by-side in the hour I was here. The best I could do was a trio of three different classes sort-of side by side (photographically speaking): D1.3505, Z3.175 and B2.2015:
{2,000 x 1,250 pxl; 1.90MB}

Of course, once I'd walked back to my car parked in St Kilda Road on the opposite side of Southbank Boulevard and was waiting in traffic to turn in the left lane, three trams neatly lined up across the road ...... aaaarrrrgh!

Oh well, next time.


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