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 "210424Sa-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-peace.march-ss.jpg" [which building, and which cable-tram route?]


Sat.24.4.21 Metro Twitter
8.15 Frankston line: Major delays (an loss of external power between Caulfield and Chelsea).
- 10.53 Minor and clearing.
- Totally pathetic and absolutely unacceptable. People have to get to work. Any accountability?
Frankston line: All trains will terminate/originate at Caulfield from 10.00 to 19.15 today (works).  Change at Caulfield to/from a Pakenham/Cranbourne train, running to an altered timetable (stopping at all stations).
22.14 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: trains will run direct to/from Flinders St (an equipment fault).
- 22.17 Signal fault.
- 22.45 Yes, that's the usual excuse given.
22.15 Richmond: All entrances are open for AFL return traffic.
- 22.31 Current wait times leading into the station are 8-9 minutes.
- 22.41 Minimal crowding at all entrances.

Sat.24.4.21 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' A NOTORIOUS graffiti tagger has been back in gaol in Melbourne after being gaoled in USA, and this time he’s also been busted with drugs and an Aladdin's cave of stolen goods.
Mathew Raoul White, 35, was sentenced to 2 months gaol and an 18 month corrections order in Heidelberg Magistrates Court on April 9, on charges including damaging property and trafficking cocaine and cannabis.
White, who has an extensive history of graffitiing, was caught on cctv spray painting the tag ‘MElNS' on a carriage at Dandenong on 7 June 2020.
The court heard that when police went to his Ivanhoe home on 25 February this year, they discovered that he was growing 30  cannabis plants in a hydroponic set up.
He also had cocaine, scales, dried hash, about $12,000 worth of stolen Titleist golf balls, 25 boxes of stolen high-end Lego and boxes of stolen electrical items.
Police also found a heap of stolen clothing and a freezer jammed full of electronic security tags from shops.
Police valued the stolen goods at $18,000. The court heard that White had a significant history of graffiti offences, but it was his first time being charged with drug offences.
Magistrate Stephen Ballek noted that White had been growing almost a third of a commercial quantity of cannabis, and said that White's graffiti history meant that the 43 days which he'd spent in custody was not an adequate punishment.
He was freed from a USA gaol in 2019 after he was arrested at a San Francisco airport in late 2018 trying to board a plane to Sydney with spray paint on his clothes.
White, a member of the “Get Hectik” crew, pleaded guilty to one felony in a California court in 2019 after he was accused of graffitiing “GH”  on at least seven trains.
He had been under the watch of USA authorities after they were tipped off by Australian authorities.
White's lawyer said that his client had long suffered from alcoholism, and had begun smoking a lot of cannabis during the COVIDl9 lockdown alter it brought his electrician apprenticeship to a halt.
White was also fined $500.

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