Re: Tram parade: 130 years of electric trams in Prague
  Mal Rowe

On 21/07/2021 16:16, TP wrote:
> Mal would be able to answer that one giving his favourite tram as an example! It's a bogie shared between two cars. A. example is the centre bogie on the B class tram. The Skoda bogie is a little different, having two kingpins, each one attached to each car in order that the tram can negotiate tight curves (15-18 metres) and still remain within its kinematic envelope. A normal Jacobs bogie has one kingpin attached to the coupling point between two cars.

Here's a pic of a Jacobs truck without a B sitting on it.

The two ends of the tram rotate around the rings visible in the centre - supported by forks from each car-body.

Jacobs trucks are usually un-powered because the extra gear for the articulation takes up quite a lot of space.

Mal Rowe - on the spot at the right time for the pic

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