Re: Tram and Bus collide in Christchurch
  Geoffrey D Dean

What is missing are clearance lines; especially on curves.

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On Tue, 20 Jul 2021 05:17:24 +0000, Michael Giddey wrote:

>It looks like the bus driver did not allow for the back of the tram
>to swing out on the sharp curve as both vehicles appear to have
>been travelling in opposite directions.

Actually you're right - loading the page on my phone wouldn't allow
enlarging a blurry image, but I can on desktop.
It looks as if bus driver has cut the corner well after the give way
sign and as you say has been collected by the swinging tram: note tree
branch and sign behind fence in attached Google street view to assist
in locating incident.

More importantly Google Street view captures ex-Invercargill Birney
#15 in the background.


(planning on a bit of tram watching with a refreshing ale at the OGB
bar just off-screen to right - if trans-Tasman bubble is reinflated by
Gallery at

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