Re death of Shane Moore.
  Roderick Smith

In November 2020 I alerted you all to Shane's death and funeral.
The funeral was held under covid 19 restrictions in a Bendigo funeral parlour, with a few close friends and a former neighbour attending.  Two invitees were too ill to make the journey.
The friends and the priest adjourned to a nearby hotel for lunch.

The ashes were held until covid 19 restrictions eased, and until VGR had its steam loco back running after an overhaul.
The executor was a solicitor, and he suggested scattering the ashes.
Scattering from one of Shane's trams or from any tram was impractical.
Shane had been a generous donor for the restoration of the J, and had many friends there.
VGR was very helpful in stitching together a dignified ceremony.
It had had one scattering before: out of the window of an excursion-class carriage, with the train on the move.
Puffing Billy has also had scattering from the train, and scattering through the firebox.

Close friends arrived at Castlemaine from three directions, with bookings in Tambo (which trails from Castlemaine).  During lockdown, considerable extra refurbishment had been undertaken, including fitting leadlighting.
The train stopped in the forest section between Muckleford and Maldon.
While we scattered the ashes, the driver blew a series of short whistles every 7 seconds.
That is the pacing for a military gun salute, and a ceremony which I have witnessed when scattering ashes from a paddlesteamer.
At the end of the minute, one longer blast indicated that we were moving off again, and the group of friends toasted Shane in farewell.
We lunched in Maldon, and returned on the afternoon train.

Shane's estate has been finalised.

Roderick Smith

Ian (cinema), Roderick (rail & tram), Roger (rail), Andrew (rail).
The shutter was pressed by the conductor, John, who knew Shane through both rail and tram hobbies.

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