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  Yuri Sos

On Sat, 17 Jul 2021 17:24:19 +1000, Yuri Sos wrote:

>Rolling billboard D1.3537 inbound in St Kilda Road at Coventry Street on a route 5 service:


>{2,000 x 1,250 pxl; 1.93MB}

I'm impressed that Yarra Trams can reskin a tram, in only a few days it seems, and have it back in traffic.

I was just culling, cataloguing and sorting through my last 1,000 photos or so and came across this photo of D1.3537 I took on last Sunday 11 July, only a week ago (I tend to shoot everything that moves, whether or not I post it is another matter).
It's in Swanston Street on a truncated route 16 (because of St Kilda Road relay) heading for Melbourne University.
It's advertising "Payright" yet another BNPL credit offering (I posted 3504 advertising HUMM yesterday).
So since last Sunday, they've whipped off the "Payright" and applied the "Canva" AOA.
{2,000 x 1,250 pxl; 1.68MB}


Technical note: for those interested, much like the ageing actress, this picture has had some work done.
I shoot raw for the wider dynamic range and image depth (and to forgive photographer-induced image capture errors).
The raw image was then processed in Photoshop (viewed on a calibrated Dell Ultrasharp U2415 monitor).
Opened image in Photoshop then applied Filter Adobe Camera Raw ->
* clicked "auto" fix (which amongst other changes lightened image by 0.5 stop and selectively brought up shadows; I then image lightened by additional 0.25 stop as tram was centre of interest;
* corrected vertical perspective distortion (camera had been tilted up to ensure 101 Collins Street, Westin Melbourne and St Paul's spire were not truncated). As well as straightening the buildings the tram now doesn't look as if it's a kid's toy that's been squashed;
* applied a graduated filter of -1 stop running diagonally across upper part of image to bring back some colour to the sky.
Cropped the image, then resized to 2000x1250 and saved as JPG.

This took about 10 minutes. There's probably more I could have done but I also applied the law of diminishing returns.
Thirty years ago in a darkroom this would have taken me a few hours and much wasted paper (and patience).

Below is the photo "out-of-the-camera" in JPG format (only resized from original 8000x5320 pxl image).
{2,000 x 1,250 pxl; 356k}

Hope this was of interest.
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