Re: Tonight - The Last Supper
  Yuri Sos

On Thu, 15 Jul 2021 22:15:16 +1000, Mal Rowe wrote:

>I had another go at the low light capacity of my little Canon - but

>accidentally selected an 'art' setting!


Lucky you warned us all first (resets eyeballs!) <g!>
Excellent wide angle shot (plus time of day also minimised human and other tram photobombing).

I've not been able to get 5002 this year thus far - its schedule for easily accessible photo locations (from home or work) have always conflicted with my work commitments. {OT: Only another 3 weeks till AZ#2 for me. This outbreak is a little too close for comfort - one of my staff's kids are in isolation and all getting tested every3 days as they attend the affected Bacchus Marsh school and there's a new Tier 1 site only a few hundred metres from work. All my staff are trying to get and are happy to get AZ vaccine but the vax stroll-out is such a cluster***k }.

At least with this lock down, less vehicular traffic may finally enable me to get 5002 while exercising in next five days or so: Elizabeth Street to the (southern half {!} of the) Haymarket is within my 5km zone (

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