Re: Re: A puzzle for you
  Mal Rowe

On 14/07/2021 11:39, David McLoughlin wrote:
> My guess -- as someone who grew up in North Box Hill -- is that the

> white tower in the upper-middle right, standing out against the

> Dandenongs, is the lookout tower at the Doncaster terminus of the Box

> Hill-Doncaster tramway, which was still running at that time.


> There was nothing in Doncaster back then except the view from that

> tower, which was why anyone caught that tram from Box Hill,  but not

> in enough numbers to keep it going. It opened in 1889 and closed

> in1896.  Some of its route is the reason for the Tram Rd that runs

> from the bottom of Station St by where Koonung Creek once was, up to

> Shoppingtown, which is now where the tower was.


Absolutely correct David.

Mal Rowe - who is always amazed at the amount of knowledge on the "TDU