Re: Sunday in the City

Actually those days of photography were whilst I was a curtain and blind
hanger and could easily manage Friday afternoon in Melbourne so the
processing costs were normal but I was shown the printing machine when I
thought that some of my images did not come out as I imagined.

We can all be accused of the standard 3/4 record shot but I usually
endeavoured to have the tram just a part of the scene. Out along route 11
(West Preston) a lot of locations were able to include the city buildings.
St Kilda Road has all those marvellous trees. Huge swathes of Melbourne
have marvellous houses as well although we are doing a pretty good job of
wrecking those locations.

Here's a couple hastily found on this HDD. The shots of 858 show that the
connie was prepared for the return from Lonsdale Street, only a couple of
stops northwards. These two are 24 July 1993. The last three were taken
on 9 August 1993, a very auspicious day in the life or so I'm told. 😇

On Thu, 15 Jul 2021 at 11:38, Yuri Sos trams4me@...> wrote:

> Continuous shooting at 10fps helps 😀 !


> If I recall correctly, your processing costs would have been minimal.


> When framing a photo, I try to think "when people look at an image in 10+

> years, will it tell a story or just show a picture of a tram?". Then of

> course there's serendipity as in the case of this shot.





cheers and best wishes,
David in,
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Swanston St 852  |  1776W x 1200H  | 1004.14 KB |  
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Swanston St 852 & 958  |  1808W x 1217H  | 980.35 KB |  
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North Carlton along route 1 & 15 785  |  1787W x 1194H  | 1012.83 KB |  
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North Carlton along route 1 998  |  1776W x 1164H  | 977.7 KB |  
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North Carlton along route 1  |  1783W x 1166H  | 998.31 KB |