Re: Dinner at the Mail Exchange?
  Mal Rowe

On 18/06/2021 00:20, Yuri Sos wrote:
> Well we all ended up in gaol tonight....... the former Bourke Street West Police Station, built in 1887, closed in 1970.


> A2.299 is running a route 96 service from St Kilda to East Brunswick, a route normally dominated by C2 and E classes, and pauses at the Bourke & Spencer Street stop, the former Mail Exchange with its elegant Grecian columns at right and the brutal and ugly Southern Cross station in the far background (such a contrast of public buildings):


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Certainly a case of 'sending a boy on a man's job'.  I caught 299 a little earlier last night - on the outbound journey.

The usual cars serving this route are a bit bigger - as the second pic illustrates.

Mal Rowe - agreeing that the Royal Melbourne is a good option

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