Czech news

Development of an autonomous (driverless) tram underway in Pilsen. I will
be interested to see how they teach it not to slow down unnecessarily every
time a pedestrian or vehicle is nearby, thus resulting in slower timetables.

The last Tatra T6A5 trams are about to finish service in Prague. There were
150 of these built for Prague between 1995 and 1997. They are high floor
trams and not considered worth altering to be accessible. For one thing
their plug doors are vulnerable to hanging up on the higher platforms that
are being introduced for level access to low-floor cars. I very much like
them. They were modern and comfortable and go like scalded cats (one
reached 110 km/h on trials). Most have now been sold eastwards, to cities
like Sofia.

Here is one in C5 version in New Orleans. I believe this unit ended up in

Tony P