St Kilda Rd track relay - coming soon
  Mal Rowe

Yarra will be relaying the tram tracks in St Kilda Rd between Flinders
St and Southbank Boulevard and in Southbank Boulevard over the two weeks
commencing Sunday 27th of June.


The section includes several bits of track that are not that old.  I'm
not sure if this is due to wear or the need to improve the track geometry.

It's not completely clear how much will be renewed.

The third track at the Art Centre is pretty ugly, but only 13 years old
- see:

The extra track leading to the curve into Southbank Boulevard is much

Southbank Boulevard was only reconfigured as 'green track' a couple of
years back.  See:

The busy stop at Flinders St station is to be expanded.  I'm guessing
that an argument about trams vs cars for road space has been won by the

Mal Rowe - who will be watchning quite a complex build.